If you are a longtime reader of the site, you will be familiar with the UK publisher’s release. Bitmap books, which produced the likes of Game Boy: The Box Art Collection and SNES Visual Compendium. You can also be aware of the talents of one Kurt Kalata, who is a Nintendo Life contributor via Comments and features.

The news that these two powerful forces have combined to create A guide to Japanese role-playing games should come as a welcome filler during a rather scorching time in world events, but before you allow yourself to get too much excited, it should be noted that the book is now totally out of print (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

Still, while it’s now impossible to purchase this tome from the original publisher (eBay is an option), we figured you might like to take a quick look at the book, as our copy has arrived. at the office recently.

Kalata is joined by a wide range of JRPG experts, and the book delves deeper into the history of the genre, highlighting classic examples such as Final fantasy, Fire emblem, Dragon Quest and the trigger of a stopwatch. However, this doesn’t fully focus on well-known titles and leaves room for more obscure games including Romanica, princess crown and the rather mean dragon knight series. There are a lot of titles included that fall somewhere in between, such as 16-bit cult classics. Soul Blazer and Land stalker.

Each entry has a description or in-depth review, and there are screenshots and box illustrations to go with it. There are also chapters that deal with aspects of JRPG games such as location, anime adaptations, and even the soundtracks of these often seminal versions.

A guide to Japanese RPGs is impeccably crafted and brilliantly written, as is the case with so many Bitmap Books releases. Additional stock of the Standard Edition is expected to arrive in October, but for now, this comprehensive catalog of major JRPGs will likely remain out of reach for many.

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