Continue your journey through Thug company Season 2 with a new thief and new game modes!

Thug companyThe newest thug from, Switchblade, is a short fuse in a leather jacket, slicing a strip of fire through those who oppose it. On the run and hunted from a young age, Switchblade was content with the comfort of being alone. She is self-taught and very deadly; a master of survival and combat. However, everyone she has been close to eventually dies, so when Rogue Company offers protection and information, she cannot refuse.

Don’t bring a knife to a shootout; bring napalm instead! Use Switchblade’s Chaos Launcher to drop a cluster of napalm to devastate your enemies and force them out of their defensive positions.

“Offenders in Thug company are designed to break through enemy defenses to launch an offensive push, ”explains Thug companyChief designer Scott Lussier. “With Switchblade, we are designing a Breaker capable of punishing enemies fortified in positions of power. Throughout the iteration phase, we discovered that in order for Switchblade to meet our design goals, it needs to have a passive that allows it to keep up with its abilities. Switchblade’s passive is called Fight and Flight. Whenever she uses an ability or gadget, she gains movement speed that allows her to close the gap with the enemy team. This passive allows him to really excel at punishing enemies who are crouched in solid defensive positions all over the map.

Switchblade Posed Art

This update also features new action-packed 6v6 game modes! 6v6 Team Deathmatch replaces mining as the main game mode. A new limited-time game mode, 6v6 King of the Hill, is also joining the queue in Thug company. Party and dive into these new game modes now!

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The world needs to be saved and only the best of the best can! Rogue Company is the tactical third-person action shooter that puts the fate of the world in your hands. Play as one of Rogue Company’s elite agents, each with their own unique skills, and go to war in a variety of different game modes. Download and play for FREE now! Rogue Company is action packed with no shortage of weapons, gadgets, and style. The mission begins now. Save the day, take a good look, get paid.

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