You may not have heard of Unacknowledged, but if you’re a fan of adventure games, point-and-click, and great old-school-style storytelling Monkey island, you should have heard about Ouadjet Eye.

The US studio is perhaps the closest spiritual successor to ’90s point-and-click games (well, except Double Fine, which still exists) with games like The Shiva, Blackwell’s legacy, and Unavoué earns the respect of critics and fans while maintaining “cult” status.


Unavowed was first released on PC in 2018 and was an unexpected success for Wadjet Eye, founder Dave Gilbert saying in an interview with Adventure Gamers that it surpassed “everything we have done by far”. The game was nominated for excellent storytelling at the Golden Joystick Awards and the Independent Games Festival Awards, and The Escapist’s “Yahtzee” – known to hate most things – ranked it as his fifth favorite game of 2018. It’s is quite the number of accolades. !


But what is Unacknowledged? This is a point-and-click adventure game where you play as a guy / girl in New York who one day wakes up to find out that they were demon possessed and went on a rampage. Working with a group of supernatural investigators, they set out to figure out exactly what the year-long rampage involved.

Players will be able to build their party with a bunch of different characters, as well as choose their background (cop / actor / bartender) that will influence the story. It’s also performed entirely by voice and presented in 2D pixel-art style that your 90s nostalgia will drool over.

Anyway, it’s out on Switch right now! Surprise! If you are a point-and-click fan, Unavoué is a must-have game.

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