Former Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Jason Miller walks the halls of the U.S. Capitol on day one of Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial on February 9, 2021 in Washington, DC

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Former president Donald trumpLongtime assistant and current spokesperson for Jason Miller is stepping down, a source close to the plans told CNBC on Thursday.

Miller, who has worked for Trump since his 2016 presidential campaign, is stepping down from his full-time role as spokesperson for the former president to become CEO of a tech start-up, the source said without providing further details.

No start date or transition timeline has been revealed, and no announcement is imminent, the source said.

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But according to the source, the unnamed company has a social media platform that is “under review” by Trump, who has hinted that he will join a new social media channel after he been launched. Twitter and Facebook in January after the murderous invasion of the Capitol.

Miller will be the first CEO of the tech company, which has had a platform in development since last year, the source said when asked for more information on the start-up. Miller will nonetheless remain in Trump’s orbit and remain an ally of Trump’s team, according to the source.

It is not known who will fill the role that will soon be vacant. Margo Martin, another Trump press secretary, referred CNBC to Miller for comment.

Miller’s departure comes just over a week later Trump’s personal blog page, which had been active for less than a month, has been permanently closed.

This web page was originally invoiced as a “communications platform,” but actually served only as a place where Trump could post statements he was not allowed to share on more popular social media sites.

Miller told CNBC at the time that the blog was “not coming back” and that it was “just ancillary to the larger efforts that we are leading and working on.”

The spokesperson also tweeted on June 2 that Trump would indeed join another social media platform.

Miller had worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign and his presidential transition, and was originally slated to become White House communications director for the new administration.

These plans were abandoned after allegations an extramarital affair with former Trump campaign staffer AJ Delgado has become public.

The Trump campaign in 2020 hired Miller for the last part of the race, which Trump lost to the current president Joe biden.

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