Ultimate sonic colors

the Sonic the hedgehog The YouTube channel has just broadcast its first episode of season 5 of “Sonic Official”.

Fans, of course, were eager to know when they knew more about the recently announced new game bundle and also if there would be another Sonic Central in the future.

According to Katie Chrzanowski, Associate Influencer Manager of Sega of America, there “may be” some Sound colors: ultimate news shown at this year’s E3, and Sonic fans are recommended to tune in. The new streaming format could also return, but nothing is planned at this time. Here it is in full, courtesy of Tails chain:

Chrzanowski also mentioned how Sega would share more about Sound origins and the new Sonic Team title in the future. E3 2021 officially kicks off on June 12. Would you like to learn more about Sonic Colors: Ultimate? Tell us below.

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