Switch XL Nah Dodgy Photoshop© Warhorse Studios

As you may or may not have noticed, here at Nintendo Life we’ve tried to be pretty picky over the past couple of weeks about what we report regarding the ‘next’ Switch, or ‘Switch Pro’, because people insist on calling him. “Pro” tip, this PlayStation style brand is very unlikely of modern Nintendo, but this scribe is very happy to be wrong.

We covered a Bloomberg report – a reputable and traditionally reliable outlet behind a paywall, nothing less – which repeated many previous rumors but added the wrinkle that it was due to be revealed before E3; time is running out for that. Since then, we have ignored many unfounded rumors and images on social media, referring to store listings, easily spoofed inventory screens and more.

Over the days, the idea has receded a bit, and the focus is really on what Games Nintendo will bring its E3 Direct to next week. But Warhorse Studios sparked a bit of a light discussion with their tweet. Confirmation of a Kingdom Come: Deliverance port, below (the larger version of the image is above):

This is probably 99.9999% Photoshop error, with the studio forgetting to take the system bezel into account when overlaying their artwork on the screen. It’s the same old Switch unit in terms of the shell and all other aspects just missing the bezel. In fact, we did an extremely similar manipulation – deliberately in our case – for an article path back in january 2020 asking what features you would like in Switch Pro. You can see the image we made below and the striking similarity to the one from Warhorse Studios, in terms of a simple technique / error that can make the screen bigger.

XL NL switch© Nintendo Life

But it makes us wonder, what if recent rumors have repeated mistakes of old “Pro” speculations? Two years ago there was talk of new hardware, but what appeared in the real world was the “Mariko” switch – pretty much the same system as far as the consumer goes, but with a more efficient iteration of the Tegra GPU. . Small margins aside, it’s been clocked to have the same performance as the stock models, but it has much better battery life; this was an unannounced review, and it’s easy to see how misinterpreted or malicious sources led to reports of a “new” Switch back in the day, when eventual reality was less exciting.

The good old 3DS XL
The good old 3DS XL (Image: Nintendo Life)

Now, given the path Nintendo has taken with the 3DS, albeit in faster succession, and if the reports on Switch systems prepared with larger 7-inch screens were accurate, but the rest of the same old rumors about the are improved specifications – as in the past round of speculation – fancy and incorrect? What if we got Switch XL, which has the exact same capabilities but with a bigger screen? You can easily Theoretically installing a 7-inch screen over the existing shell, and there would undoubtedly be some tweaking to make it fit the build. But if everything else stayed pretty much the same, that would mean Nintendo would continue with its current manufacturing processes with very minor tweaks. Granted, that wouldn’t be a massive change in screen size, but the system has always had path too much telescope, we would gladly get rid of it.

Considering the substantial parts issues in the tech industry, this would allow Nintendo to give people a system with a larger, high-quality screen, while also managing its existing processes and chip supplies. It’s certainly a practical option, preserving larger hardware revisions or new hardware for less volatile times.

It’s fun to think about, anyway, although we suspect those hopes for a more powerful Switch would react unfavorably. If Nintendo is plotting new material soon, he will have finalized his plans months ago due to the complex logistics of manufacturing the material, especially this year. We will eventually find out!

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