Soulja Boy has set quite a few records in his day, but he’s apparently obsessed with breaking into another market: video games. If you remember, in 2018 he tried to sell famous Chinese game consoles run unlicensed ROMs before trying to release a Game Boy Clone. Following an alleged legal action, Soulja Boy was forced to remove the ads from the web, admitting that he “… had to take the lead, I had no choice”.

It looks like you can’t keep a good rapper down, though. Earlier this year, Soulja Boy was in the game again, tease yet another game console, which looked like a parcel as an Xbox Series S. Soulja Boy was clearly optimistic about the project, saying. “Building a new console from scratch, a whole new design. All new games. All new offerings. Let’s write history.” However, it looks like he’s already moved on to his next business, which is another handheld. And guess what? Basically, it just added its endorsement to a cheap handheld console based on older hardware.

According to Retro sleep, the TRDR pocket currently peddled by Soulja Boy is actually based on the Retroid Pocket, which in turn has been cloned as the Powkiddy A19. It’s focused on emulation (like other systems that Soulja Boy promotes) but runs Android, so in theory you can install Android apps like Netflix on it – something the Nintendo Switch does. can not do. It positions itself as a handheld computer which also allows you to indulge in social media apps and enjoy your games.

The trap ? This product (or a very similar product) can usually be purchased for less than $ 100, but the TRDR Pocket is sold for double that amount. Retro Dodo contacted Go Games, the Spanish company behind the TRDR Pocket, and he admitted that he was not aware of Soulja Boy’s rather uneven history with the game hardware. However, as of yesterday, the rapper always promotes the device on its social media accounts.

As you might expect, many within the gaming community have responded negatively to this device, but that doesn’t seem to have deterred Soulja Boy, who is already teasing a successor. If it’s not a PS Vita style knockoff from China that’s already available under a different name (and for less money), we’ll consume a vast quantity of hats.

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