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Update # 2 [Fri 11th Jun, 2021 10:55 BST]: We got confirmation from the Twitter user drewjcostello that Ultra Street Fighter II is again available for download from the eShop. Phew!

Update [Sat 5th Jun, 2021 05:25 BST]: It proves Ultra Street Fighter II is also currently unavailable for purchase on the eShop in Canada – so the NA region, in general, has been affected by this. The same source of this information was also informed by a representative of Nintendo that the game is likely to be made available in the coming days.

“I was informed that it was also not available in Canada. I also spoke to a Nintendo rep a few hours ago so that doesn’t really help, it at least puts it on their radar. They just told me it’s ok will probably be available again in the next few days, so take whatever you want. “

If we find out the reason for all of this or hear something else, we’ll share an update.

Original article [Fri 4th Jun, 2021 04:45 BST]: The title of the Switch launch window Ultra Street Fighter II: The Last Challengers is currently not available for purchase from the US eShop.

This discovery was made by Nintendo Switch subreddit user IvyBoi64 when browsing the Switch eShop. While you can still view the list of games, you cannot purchase a digital copy of the Nintendo version here at this time.

This appears to be an isolated case, with the game still available in various other stores, as mentioned below:

“Idk, if I’m the only one who saw this, but Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers has been pulled from the eShop. It looks like it’s the only one in the US, because it’s still available on the EU and JP eShop. It only allows you to buy the physical version. It may be temporary, but it’s been like this since yesterday morning. “

While it’s not clear what exactly is going on at the moment, some in the same thread seem to think it might just be a mistake.

The last time something like this happened was when SNK Gals Fighters has been mysteriously abducted from the European eShop shortly after its release and returned the following month.

When we have an update on this, we’ll be sure to let you know. Any theories or ideas on what could have happened to the digital version of this 2017 version? Tell us below.

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