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Airbnb and Vrbo, Expediathe home sharing unit of, are teaming up to fight against the repeat offenders of the “party house”.

The companies announced Friday that they are expanding the Community Integrity Program, an industry collaboration to share information about deleted listings and strengthen measures against repeat offenders who book rentals just to throw parties there.

“The two companies have worked separately to address the challenge of disruptive party houses which are repeatedly reported. However, the challenge remains, as repeat offenders can be struck off by one platform, to appear on another,” said the companies in a joint press release. .

“Neighbors don’t care if a party house gets their reservations through a particular platform – they just want the parties to stop. That’s why a platform alone can’t solve this. problem – it requires an industry-wide effort, ”they added. .

The companies will work with a third-party intermediary to develop a process to identify listings that have been permanently banned from either platform due to repeated violations of respective community policies. This information will then be available for each business to take action if the listings subsequently appear on other platforms.

Airbnb and Vrbo are asking other companies in the short-term rental industry to join the program, which is expected to launch in the United States in the coming months.

So-called “party houses” have long been a problem for short-term rental companies. Airbnb, for example, introduced a global ban on party houses, which are those that repeatedly cause a nuisance in neighborhoods.

However, due to the way these businesses operate, they cannot always prevent the parties from happening. Customers can sometimes check in themselves at remote properties, while the owner is away, and can invite as many people as they want.

“Industry collaboration is an important step in reducing application gaps and prioritizing the safety of the communities in which we all operate. This is the first step to building on a strong foundation, ”the companies said.

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