When the insomniac games first triggered the chaotic parody this is Sunset Overdrive, it was an Xbox One exclusive. This brightly colored, energy drink-fueled open world experience deserved a lot more love than it got, but it doesn’t look like it could finally make its way to PlayStation platforms due to of a recent trademark apparently registered by Sony. Which makes sense, given that the PlayStation company owns the studio that created this game to begin with.

The trademark filing for Sunset Overdrive was spotted by @Nibel and appears to be registered with a status update of 4/26/21 (4/26/21, for those in America). The mark is for the single phrase “ Sunset Overdrive, ” which some link to an earlier leak that seemed to point to a remastered edition coming to PlayStation consoles.

While I would love to see the sequel to this much overlooked RPG with its comedic punk flair and genuinely fun character customization, one thing is important to remember. As we say throughout our coverage that talks about trademarks: that doesn’t necessarily mean a new game is coming. Trademarks are registered for a multitude of reasons: protection from third-party use, for merchandising purposes, updates and – well, yes – new games.

Coupled with the previous leak that seems to suggest that some form of “revamped” Sunset Overdrive experience could be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Sony, as of yet, has yet to confirm that it’s all underway. That being said, the summer months are filled with announcements of new games. Although Sony is not part of E3 this year, this does not mean that there is nothing to show during this allotted period of time.

Thoughts on Sunset Overdrive and its reception? How would you like to see this energy drink drinking adventure make its way into this new generation of games? Give your opinion in the comments section below!

[Source: tmdn.org via Twitter]

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