Will the real Bad Batch please stand up? Lucasfilm Can Blackmail The Star Wars Community The bad lot, the last animated series to hit Disney +, but fans of the video game, Star Wars: Republic Commando, have every right to raise a slight stench. The character sets featured in the series and the game are almost identical, with both focusing on squads of clone troopers based on separate classes.

Lucasfilm needs to know the similarities between the two properties and we’re hoping a crossover is in the works at some point. Seeing the Bad Batch exchanging jokes or laser shots with Delta Squad (the game’s group), would be amazing and exactly what fans on both sides would want … but we’ll be getting a sequel to the game as well.

Republic Commando originally released in 2005, but has recently been given a makeover with a slightly improved port on Switch and PlayStation 4. Today, Funko surprised Republic Commando fans with a Boss Pop figure (also known under the name RC-1138 in the game). This figure can be pre ordered exclusively on GameStop right now, and is slated to ship on August 4th. For reasons I can’t explain, this Boss figure glows in the dark.

While it’s a little odd that he isn’t joined by his team of Rex, Fixer, and Scorch, he doesn’t go out on his own. Funko is also releasing two Pops of Iden Versio (of Star Wars Battlefront IIstory campaign). The version you will see the most is the one of Iden without his helmet. The rare hunting version has the helmet.

Following Hasbro’s announcement of a Nightbrother Warrior Black Series figure earlier today, Funko is following suit with a Nightbrother Warrior Pop. All of these minifigures are GameStop exclusives. If you don’t care about Republic Commando and are a bigger fan of The bad lot, Funko has announced a line of Pops based on the show that features the group’s five characters. You can get your hands on these toys in June.

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