Welcome aboard, Captain. With the legendary edition of Mass Effect just ten days away, the Norman crew is preparing to gather right here on planet Earth to celebrate. Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer both shared the news, both voice actors behind the iconic Commander Shepard along with that character’s male and female counterparts.

Hale shared the news on his Twitter about the May 15 panel, which will be a live cast meeting where fans can even get autographs:

Many returning voices are joining the event, including the voices of Jack, Legion, Ashley Williams and more. Unfortunately, this Normandy is going to have to do without its pilot, as Joker voice actor Seth Green does not appear to be a part of this live event.

In the post, it was revealed that there will be an after-release event for the Legendary Edition following a live autograph signing. The event goes live on Saturday, May 15 at noon PT. It’s a day after the release of the legendary edition when he arrives on may 14 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

As part of our cover story in February, we went all-in to find out what went into the creation of the legendary edition of Mass Effect. From Mako changes to character enhancements, there is a lot to look forward to for returning players. For those new to the adventures of the trilogy, being able to play all three games as they are meant to be played (thanks to the included DLC) is an exciting first step in a fandom that continues to be passionate to this day.

For those who want more information on Mass Effect Legendary Edition, check out our exclusive game hub here. From the lack of multiplayer to lost code that can never be recovered, we’ve asked for everything.

Are you excited about the Mass Effect meeting panel? Any cast members you’re sad to see aren’t involved? Give your opinion in the comments section below!

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