The ongoing legal dispute between Epic and Apple is broadcasting live this week, and a parcel amazing stuff has come out of it already. Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Epic, was repeatedly asked to identify consoles; the money Epic paid for their First nine months of free games on the Epic Games Store revealed; and we also have this really passive-aggressive email in which Epic is somehow trying to convince, somehow threaten Sony to add cross play to Fortnite.

It’s been bomb after bomb from a bunch of well-paid executives emailing people like they’re telling a misbehaving kid to do homework, but it turns out that an executive in particular is actually, perhaps, quite nice behind the scenes.

That man is Phil Spencer, Xbox Head, who was recently may be tease some kind of Xbox-Nintendo collaboration. Most people think this collaboration will turn out to be xCloud, Xbox’s cloud gaming service, on Switch – and, if we read between the lines in Phil’s email, it just might be. It looks like he’s been introducing xCloud to other platform owners – that would be Sony and Nintendo – since at least August 2020.

But the biggest revelation (for our money, anyway) is that Phil Spencer sends very good emails. He apologizes several times for being late (we can refer to that) and he doesn’t even use so much corporate jargon to get his point across! Sure, maybe he only talks like that to other CEO-type people, but still – the art of a good email is worth appreciating.

Here is the text of the email, with additional formatting for readability:

“I owe you a lot of things and I’m late.” I apologize for that, there is a lot going on but this is no excuse.

You’ve obviously seen our Samsung announce, and now our back-and-forth with Apple. At the highest levels of [Microsoft], we are committed to enforcing these policies and continuing to expand the capabilities of our console platforms. You can intervene when you feel comfortable.

But I just wanted to let you know that I have your point on xCloud on other consoles (I haven’t given up), [Free to Play games] apart from [Xbox Gold] (we’ll get there, and I want to partner with you), and our store rights ideas as things that I’ll be looking at with you moving forward. I commit to it, just behind.

I hope you are well,

We bet Phil Spencer is really good at breaking up with people in a nice way.

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