The “Challenger” has maintained its name as the best-selling Dodge car for about 5 decades. Hence, the motive behind this fact is that it possesses a retro look, a very sharp color scheme, and a stunning front fascia. The latest Challenger looks like as it is taken out from a hot rod magazine. No one can deny the eye-catching looks of this luxurious car. 

But, it has made a huge journey to achieve this remarkable success. Several models of this amazing car have come into the market since its first launch. To know about each model of the Dodge Challenger, it’s important to know about their history. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the Dodge Challenger history. Keep reading!

  • The Disco Decade

After launching the first model, “itquater-miles” was the next model of Dodge Challenger that was 2 inches longer than the 1967 Barracuda. It was a split grille design. In 1972, Dodge made many changes in this model, and “egg-crate” grille as well, and extended taillights were observed. The car engine possessed an inline-six and two V-8s, and they were further modified to work on the unleaded gasoline. 

In 1973 and 1974, Challenger was again upgraded, and this model had a “5 mph” bumper. More changes were also made in the six-cylinder engine, and it turned into a 345-horsepower V-8. Though due to some criticism, Dodge discontinued this model of “Challenger” in 1974, Challenger made a lasting impact on the automotive field in the short timespan. 

  • Challenger X

In 1978, Challenger was again back into production. But, the 1978 version of this car was not as good as the older Challenger. This model had low performance because of its forbears and a four-cylinder engine. In fact, it started looking like a packed two-door Mitsubishi Galant Lambda. Then again in 1983, Challenger production halted. 

  • A Modern Muscle Car

Later in 2008, Challenger’s production was again started, and this time, it was packed similar to the original 1979 R/T model. 

Nowadays, you have the option to get your latest muscle car in one of five trims that are:

  1. SXT
  2. R/T
  3. SRT 392
  4. R/T Scat Pack
  5. SRT Hellcat
  • Challenger Hellcat

Dodge again took the streets by introducing their latest model in 2014, and it was named Challenger Hellcat. This demon vented hood possesses more space for muscle. It holds the power of a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8. This monstrosity model can deliver the power of 707 horsepower and cover the quarter miles times of 11.2 seconds in 125 miles per hour. 

The Final Thoughts:

Although Dodger struggled a lot and even got criticized a lot, it tried its best to maintain its name in the automotive industry. It got famous because of its 1970 model as it was the best model ever launched. This vehicle was far better than the other models released in the same era. So, if you love to have a Dodge challenger, this model is the best option. 


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