Horned knight is a fun retro-style action platformer full of enemies to defeat and traps to avoid. This game is a tribute to 80s action platforming and hopes to bring back the mix of pure fun and challenge that was a staple of arcade classics. Get ready for the craziest action platformer ever and help our hero knight survive in this amazing adventure leaping from walls, over lava seas, through pools of old peaks. Jump, cut and blast through 32 levels of hardcore platforming challenges with awesome retro pixel art design. Revive the glory of the days of the 16-bit classics in this adventure designed to satisfy gamers old and new.

Horned knight

I’m Josep Monzonís, a solo indie game developer, and I love playing and creating games. I like to create games with a very personal style. That’s why I’m in charge of all aspects of the video game creation process: pixel art, coding, game design, and drawing. I have already worked on several indie games but Horned knight is my latest and most ambitious game; it has been in development for a long time.

Horned knight

After making the game playable enough to be shown to other people, I showcased it at local events where independent developers meet to talk games, make friends, and learn from each other. People seemed to be really having fun playing it, even as a very early demo.

Horned knight

I brought a build to the Valencia Indie Summit and presented it to 2Awesome Studio. I was nervous, but they were encouraging and liked the concept. It was a dream come true to develop my own game for a major console!

Horned knight

As a lifelong game developer, I’ve been playing and creating games for many years, but this is my first major console release of a personal project. I’ve always been a huge fan of retro-style 2D action platformer games and just had to develop a game that would reintroduce the golden age of arcade gaming into a 2D-style action platformer. retro hardcore. I can’t wait for you to put your hand Horned knight and let me know what you think! I hope it can reach as many people as possible and that you will all enjoy it.

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Horned knight

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Horned Knight is a challenging 2D action platformer game in which you have to overcome all fears, enemies and traps as a Knight hero. Rewrite fate, with your trusty sword, young knight – the kingdom depends on it! Horned Knight reintroduces the golden age of arcade gaming in a hardcore retro-style 2D action platformer that doesn’t fire any punches. Play as the hero knight and use your sword to rid the castle of ghouls and undead hidden in the dark. Equipped with multiple levels, responsive controls, and puzzle-style combat, Horned Knight encourages the player to conquer unique pixel art obstacles with the support of generous checkpoints and an invigorating soundtrack. In Horned Knight, calculated movement and agility are essential. One small misstep can result in your demise through 32 levels of pulse beats, offering a variety of challenges ranging from fireball-wielding skeletons to poisonous snakes, spike traps, lava puddles and more! Accessible and responsive controls let you jump, fly, and navigate an area with ease. Master the wall jump technique and timed slashes to make sure your hero saves the biggest kingdom! Make sure you keep the pieces of the knight’s heart; his life depends on it! Overcome gigantic bosses and uncover secrets leading to unknown paths to find more pieces of heart, so that you can continue your wonderful adventure. If your heart is exhausted, it’s back to the last checkpoint for you to prove your worth, knight!

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