Hi, Roblox Fans! We’re back – this time with a fresh winter update for the perfect experience all year round: Freeze label, created by Roblox ConnorVIII developer! Inspired by the classic outdoor game, players can now run, hide and fight their way across two new maps on Xbox: Rocky Mountain and Pristine City.

Rocky mountain

Sitting atop a grassy mountain range is a charming little community that has been rocked by the discovery of ancient magical artifacts. And, when they least expected it, their once peaceful home has also become the next big one. Freeze label battlefield! Designed by environmental artist Its0tto, Rocky Mountain’s unique terrain offers plenty of play opportunities for runners and taggers.

Roblox - Freeze Label

Taggers can jump all the way to the top of the ridges for a bird’s eye view of the action, then grab an unsuspecting runner from above. During this time, runners can evade their opponents by diving into dense forests and activating their invisibility or shock waves. Just be careful not to get caught off guard; it can be difficult trying to defrost your friends when there is nowhere to hide.

Virgin city

Pristine City, designed by 81001, takes you to a vibrant metropolitan environment defined by towering skyscrapers, a massive construction site, and a lush amusement park. But there is more to this concrete jungle than it seems. With a mix of outdoor and indoor settings, along with places to climb and even go underground, plenty of surprises await runners and taggers.

Roblox - Freeze Label

Whether you’re jumping on rooftops, hiding in dark alleys, or zooming in on office buildings, there is a lot of fun exploring this vast city. And since it’s split into two different districts, it’s almost like getting two cards in one!

Now that you’re armed with the details of those latest cards, jump into Freeze label sure Roblox now and get ready for some multiplayer mayhem!

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